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4 Key Nutrients for Hair Growth | Food = Hair Growth

This video discusses the 4 key nutrients required to prevent hair loss naturally and a meal idea that incorporates all of these nutrients and more. Hair loss is a common problem. Watch this video to know how you can tackle and prevent these problems by enhancing your diet!

The first nutrient is zinc.

Why does your hair/body need zinc?

  1. Zinc plays an important role in hair tissue growth and repair. It also helps keep the oil glands around the follicles working properly.

Common signs that your body needs zinc.

  1. loss of appetite

  2. weight loss

  3. diarrhea

  4. wounds healing slowly or not at all

  5. decreased sense of taste or smell

  6. hair loss

Foods high in zinc

  1. Chickpeas

  2. Peas

  3. beans

  4. lentils

  5. tofu

  6. chia/hemp/pumpkin/sesame seeds

  7. quinoa

  8. walnuts/cashews


Next is Vitamin A.

Why does your hair need vitamin a?

  1. All cells need vitamin A for growth. Vitamin A also helps skin glands make an oily substance called sebum. Sebum moisturizes the scalp and helps keep hair healthy.

Common signs your body needs Vitamin A

  1. Dry skin

  2. Dry eyes

  3. Night blindness

  4. Acne breakouts

  5. Infertility

  6. Immunodeficiency (frequent colds/infections)

Foods high in vitamin a

  1. mangoes

  2. papaya

  3. Spinach

  4. kale

  5. squashes

  6. carrots

  7. sweet potatoes (also has B7, biotin)(as discussed in the last video)

Biotin is vitamin B7 and supports healthy skin and hair through fat synthesis. Signs of deficiency include:

  1. Fatigue

  2. Depression/anxiety

  3. Red or sore tongue

  4. numbness/tingling in feet

  5. heart palpitations

  6. B-complex vitamins are wiped out by alcohol and caffeine consumption

Biotin Food Sources

  1. Peanuts

  2. Almonds

  3. Swiss chard


Next is Essential Fatty Acids.

Why does your hair need EFAs?

  1. omega-3s nourish the hair and support its growth, and they also reduce the inflammation sometimes associated with hair loss. In addition to making your hair look healthy and shiny, omega-3 acids can give your skin a more hydrated and youthful appearance.

Common signs your body needs EFAs

  1. Problems with hair, skin and nails

  2. Fatigue

  3. Trouble with sleep

  4. Joint pain/leg cramps

  5. Excessive ear wax

Foods High in EFAs

  1. Flaxseeds

  2. Chia seeds

  3. Hemp seeds

  4. Edamame

  5. Seaweed

  6. Algae (this is where fish get their omega 3s)


Next is Iron.

Why does your hair need iron?

  1. Well, first, iron is the most common nutrient deficiency. It carries and delivers oxygen to your hair growth cells thereby stimulating the production of hair strands. Ferrous iron needs copper and vitamin C present to be absorbed. Phytates (found in beans, coffee and cocoa) can inhibit iron absorption by up to 80%. But, consuming iron with Vitamin C counteracts this.

Common signs your body needs iron

  1. Heavy periods

  2. you're pale

  3. out of breath easily

  4. cold feet/hands

  5. Dizzy

  6. Pica: craving ice, dirt, paint, starch

Foods high in Iron

  1. Spinach

  2. Lentils

  3. Edamame

  4. chickpeas

  5. beans

  6. tofu

  7. cashews

  8. pumpkin/chia seeds

  9. dried apricots/figs

  10. quinoa

  11. Turmeric

  12. Chlorella

Now let's put our formula into action. This alkalizing meal is a lunch meal that should keep you satisfied for the remainder of the day. We're making loaded sweet potatoes! This meal includes high amounts of our 4 key nutrients plus our bonus nutrient, biotin.

Loaded Sweet Potato Recipe - Serves 2

INGREDIENTS (always be sure to use organic ingredients and non-GMO)

1/3 cup of water

1/3 cup of hummus

2 sweet potatoes, cooked

1 14-oz can chickpeas

2 tbsp hemp seeds

1 cup frozen peas

1 cup edamame

1 cup sun-dried tomatoes

1 tbsp dulse flakes

1-2 cups fresh spinach

1-2 tbsp fresh thyme

1/3 cup of broccoli sprouts


1) Add water and hummus to a pot and stir until hummus melts

2) Then add chickpeas, peas, edamame and sun-dried tomatoes and stir

3) Allow the mixture to reach a low simmer

4) Then stir in fresh spinach and dulse flakes

5) Garnish with hemp seeds, fresh thyme, broccoli sprouts and add balsamic vinegar drizzle

6) Add the bean mixture to your sweet potato and ENJOY!


  1. Calories -1044

  2. Protein -52g

  3. Fat -10g

  4. Carb -176g

  5. Fiber - 35g

  6. Zinc - 11g

  7. Iron - 22g

  8. Vitamin A - 97,108

  9. EFAs - 6000mg of ALA Omega 3s

  10. Magnesium - 650mg

  11. Biotin - 18mcg

  12. Vitamin E - 11 IU

  13. Folate - 707mcg

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