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3-Year Lociversary

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

February 7th, 2016, I started my sisterlock journey. Stella Walker of Lock Journey salon was the certified Sisterlock consultant that started my journey and she continues to manage my hair.

I had loose natural hair for years. I typically wore my hair in a wrap or I would have my hair braided. I wanted locks for a while. However, I was concerned about having locks in corporate America. When I saw Sisterlocks for the first time, they really spoke to me. I saw it as a way of having permanent micro-braids that could be styled in any way while allowing my hair to do its own thing, naturally.

I stumbled into Lock Journey salon to get a trim for my TWA (teenie-weenie afro). I had no idea the salon specialized in locks. Stella trimmed my hair and said to me that I would be a great candidate for Sisterlocks. I was hesitant. I was concerned that my hair would be too soft to lock and I did not want frizzy locks. I thought locks were intended for 4C texture. Stella educated me and informed me that most hair types can lock and that it just may take a bit more time. She put in 4 sample Sisterlocks in my head. She said see how you feel about them and if you want to move forward, give me a call.

Days after my hairstyle faded, the sample locks were still holding strong. I decided to take the plunge. I gave her a call and setup my installation appointment. I also cut my hair even shorter. This was for two reasons: 1) my locks would be installed on fresh new growth that had not been heated 2) my installation would be cheaper

It was Super Bowl Sunday and Stella and I were in the shop for the installation. 13.5 hours later, my installation was complete with 612 locks!

Installation Day - 2/7/2016

Since the day of my installation, I have had no regrets. It is the best decision I have made concerning my hair. Since starting this journey, my hair has blossomed. When I changed my eating habits in 2018, my hair really took off and grew like crazy. Check out these pictures...

36-Month Retightening

36-Month Retightening

3-Year Overview

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